How to properly maintain the software on your computer?

How to properly maintain the software on your computer?

Taking care of your laptop is very difficult when you don’t know how to do it well. Having the computer as your first working tool, it is essential that it be in good condition so that there are no problems. In the rest of this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to properly maintain your computer.

Fight against malware

The difficulty in realizing the waste in the programs in our laptops is more than great when we lack information. It is even more difficult to maintain the software than the machine itself. Indeed, throughout the use of the computer “parasitic” programs come in, creating and accumulating more or less severe bugs. Suddenly, you often have to do the housework. Application: CCleaner is highly recommended for this task. With the Internet, it was easy to unknowingly install malware on your computer, or even receive a virus while surfing questionable websites. To protect yourself, use an antivirus; only go to sites with the security protocol: // https. If you should be forced to go to a questionable site, please use a VPN or Proxy. It is also very important to keep your laptop up to date to take advantage of recent security updates.

Do a thorough cleaning

You also need to regularly sort through files and applications to eliminate unnecessary ones and free up space on disk and RAM. This will give flexibility and speed to the machine. And avoid plugging in USB keys, SD cards without first activating your antivirus. When it comes to physically cleaning the computer, it is important to do it well. Indeed, it is necessary to do a cleaning at times with cotton. You can also send the computer to a specialist to clean the inside of the computer. If you can’t afford to send your computer to a specialist, you need to do some form of maintenance to do it yourself.

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