What are the different types of window regulators?

What are the different types of window regulators?

Also called the window regulator, the window regulator is a set of mechanical systems installed in a car to allow the raising and lowering of the door window. It is placed inside at the wrist of the door and exists in different types that you will discover in this article.

Cable and scissor window lifter

The window regulator has been around since the manufacture of cars with closed doors. It is placed behind the door panel and allows the opening and closing of the window of your car. At the beginning, the technology offered a classic mechanism system which is not an easy task. The cable window regulator is the first type of window regulator created by the designers. With its compact size, it offers a little more security inside the door for inflated seats and safety beams. It does not require too much material to manufacture, thus reducing construction costs for the companies in charge of its manufacture. For the car owner, because of its light weight, the cable window regulator does not consume too much fuel. In addition to the cable window regulator, there is the scissor window regulator, which is also integrated into the car doors. This type of window regulator works like a cart thanks to a plate and gear teeth connected to each other. An installed electronic motor turns a screw that meshes with the teeth to move the window. Without the electronic motor, a hand crank can also be used to move the window.

The manual and electric window regulator


With the evolution of technology, cable and scissor window lifts have become ancient history. Thus, the manual window regulator was introduced to make up for the shortcomings of the other old window regulators. The manual window regulator did not differ too much from the scissor window regulator. The operating system has only been slightly modified by the installation of a handle that goes through the door panel. Thus, when the handle is turned, the system raises the window or lowers it. But for a much more advanced modernization, technology has created the electric windows that work in a very simple and easy way with the help of a button. There are two types of power windows: classic and automatic. The first one, requires a pressure that you have to exert on the button and adjust the window to the desired level. The second one, on the other hand, closes or opens the window as soon as you press the button, it is an automatic system that does not require any adjustment.


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